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Position yourself to potentially make more money by creating financial plans tailored to your goals

Mitigate the amount of taxes paid at the end of the year

Use comprehensive and creative strategies that evolve over time

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Build & Preserve Your Wealth

The moment that a new client decides to work with us, it instantly gives us a sense of honor and gratefulness. Our passion is always to do what is in the best interest of each new client.

Who We Help


We provide financial planning and wealth management services to our clients so that they can make the most of their financial resources while helping to mitigate the risks that come with uncertainty and future taxation.

Small Businesses

Part of being in business is wanting to see it grow and succeed. We can help you run your 401(k)s and create a customized benefits plan for your employees that meets both of your goals.

Business Owners

Have a business that you need to position for a smooth transition or business sale? We can help by providing a plan that can help your business transition move forward smoothly.

Patrick A. Jordan | Financial Advisor (AAMS, AIF, CRPS)

With 22+ years of experience, I have the experience that has helped me help my clients…

  • What motivates me everyday when it comes to planning for people’s financial future?
  • Why do I continue to educate myself so that I can better educate my clients?

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Together We Can Create a Financial Plan that Will Help You Meet Your Goals

At Black Mountain Wealth Management, we strive to deliver a customized financial plan that works to help you meet your goals every step of the way.

Are You Considering Your Taxes?

Taxation can become one of the biggest expenses for a lot of clients if they choose to overlook their long-term plan for taxes. Together, we will keep an eye on your financial plan and performance so that we can plan ahead of time to potentially reduce the amount of taxes that you pay on your investments.

Do Your Investments Align with Your Goals?

You might already have some investments in your portfolio that have been performing to your liking… however, are you sure that your investments are being maximized? Depending on your goals and when you are planning to retire, your current investments might be too conservative or too risky. By taking a look at your current portfolio, we can help determine whether changes or improvements can be made so that your portfolio works more efficiently towards meeting your financial goals.


How Confident Would You Like to Feel in Retirement?

  • How long would you like to be retired for?
  • How much disposable income would you like?
  • Will you want to travel when you are retired?

All of these are questions we ask in order to help create the financial plan that will help you to retire with the lifestyle you’ve worked towards.